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The fire in her eyes grew dim and then died

as the poison inside reached her heart

8/4/09 01:24 pm - Ok guys.

I know I don't update much, and when I do it's just random pics or weirdness, but this is something important.

If you have any spare money at all, please donate to this. Please.

5/30/09 01:42 pm

1. Comment to this post with absolutely anything that you want to see of my real life.
2. I will post photographs of the requested items/people/places.

5/30/09 08:49 am - Obligatory 'pics of my horse' post.

Follow the cut..Collapse )

3/11/09 05:57 am

Livejournal has been reminding me every day that Kiota's birthday is coming up. It stings to see that every time I log on, but I can't bring myself to remove her from my friends list, even though her journal is deleted.

I still miss her so much.

2/22/09 10:22 pm - Lol.

Yeah, I know I never update. I just can't be bothered to. I live on MSN, so if anyone's curious, they can get me there. I'll write something here later~
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